Software Development

ASP.NET Development

The .NET Framework, with its intense programming model and expansive API tools, empowers you to make business solutions that work just the way you require. Be the public and private cloud or customer devices such as desktops and smartphones. Our .NET development services can help you create the most suitable solution for your business. Lorem ipsum elementum tempus egestas sed sed. Eget nullam non nisi est sit amet facilisis magna. Venenatis cras sed felis eget velit aliquet sagittis id consectetur. Ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing. Magna sit amet purus gravida quis. Praesent tristique magna sit amet purus. Turpis nunc eget lorem dolor sed. Dui id ornare arcu odio ut.

PHP Development

Lean Provides PHP web development solution services with multiple platforms. Our capability & strong expertise in PHP web development enable us to provide PHP web development solution services at competitive prices. Some of our major projects with PHP include building community websites, e-learning software, Management Systems and many more. We have solid experience in database layer development with SQL Server to build web applications.

WordPress Development

Today where there is a website for everything from booking movie tickets to shopping to playing games, Word Press has changed the way businesses build and communicate with their customers. Word Press has developed as the popular web content publishing platform in recent times. It adds a beautiful appearance to a site while offering the best user experience.

Web API Development

As we know trending technology never lets the dominator sleep well. Since technology is moving towards web and mobile-based applications, it has been necessary to expose service data to browsers and apps quickly as well as in a simple & short manner. Web API is a programming logic interface for two systems to communicate with each other without user knowledge. One of the easiest ways to expand business solution functionality integrated 3rd party interface that works well for connecting different aspects of database, software, hardware and much more.

Software development

Learn the essentials of software development

Software ate the world. Not long after Marc Andreessen famously stated “software is eating the world” in 2011, did it consume the world. In today’s digital economy, every company is software-intensive. Amazon may be the world’s largest retailer, but it isn’t a retail company – it’s a software company, proclaimed former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. “Our business is not what’s in the brown boxes,” he said. “It’s the software that sends the brown boxes on their way.