Website Design

Web Design and Development

The concept of web design and development has been around for about as long as websites have existed. It used to have a much simpler definition because website creation used to be a much simpler process.

PSD To HTML Website

At LeanQuality Solutions, We offer basic, clear-cut business solutions with completely customized, innovative and effective PSD layouts, perfectly sorted layers, with code-ready. PSD file contains different layers including transparency, special effects and more. It helps in making the design where each shape, content element and photo is on its own separate layer and with these separated layers you can edit each element rapidly and easily. When designing a website, we offer our customers professional service and excellent graphics solutions due to our experience and constant development, and adaptation to new web design technologies.

Responsive Website

Responsive Web Design isn’t a trend anymore, it’s a must. While some people still use traditional desktops, laptops and notebooks are also very popular. Then, just consider the widespread use of tablets and phones. All of these devices can access the Internet, but none of them offers the same screen display. Because these devices have different displays, websites are often rendered differently on each device. At least, that used to be the case. You can make your website accessible to all users with responsive web design.

E-Commerce Website

If you too have been on the lookout for someone to handle your website development in India, then you have reached the right place! LeanQuality Solutions develop an e-commerce website in India with features like online shopping system, online payment ,etc. We also offer services, including customized web application development, e-commerce solutions, content management and portal development, content writing, open-source solutions and most importantly SEO services.

Discover the Best Ways to Design Your Website

Your Complete Website Design Solution With Wix’s intuitive technology and powerful built-in features you’ll have the creative freedom to design a website you’re proud of.